Beach Scraping

“Beach Scraping,” usually by heavy machinery, transfers sand from the lower beach to the upper beach, re-distributing the sand to parts of the beach above tidal level. This method can speed rebuilding of the dunes following a storm event and can also help prevent wave overtopping and flooding.


At a glance, beach scraping may seem like a quick fix to damaged dunes.  However, plowing sand from the shore toward the dune can, if not carefully managed, put the shoreline at greater risk of deterioration.  The pitch, slope and quantity of sand must all be in alignment. These elements are constantly changing and, unfortunately, don’t allow for The Pines to have its beaches scraped this season.  We agreed with the Town of Brookhaven, our partner in this work, that scraping would not be wise which raises the importance of keeping our TrapBags® in good repair.

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