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Sand Fencing

Once a dune is replenished sand fencing provides a barrier to trap sand that continues to replenish and rebuild the dunes. “Sand fences” create areas of lower wind speed both in front of and behind the fence encouraging sand deposition. The amount of sand trapped depends on the fence height, the size of spaces between fence slats, and wind speed. Wooden slat fences are most commonly used.


The US Army Corps of Engineers added a straight row of sand fencing the entire length of the Pines as it completed the sand replenishment. We adder another zig-zagging row to additionally fortify our fencing and then additional serpentine fencing. This will cause even more sand to aggregate. In early November 2022, we added 25,000 more feet of serpentine fencing and again in October 2023. We will continue with more fencing in early summer 2024 and again after the Emergency Response Replenishment Program is completed. Twice a year fencing will become the norm.

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