TrapBags® flood barrier systems are a continuous cellular containment barrier used wherever prevention and protection from natural disasters and man-made disasters is required. TrapBags® barriers are the perfect solution for flood protection, erosion control, mudslide protection and prevention, environmental pollution control, and many other uses. TrapBags® containment systems have become the protection and prevention barrier of choice for governments, businesses, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others who need a cost-effective proven system that is rapidly deployable to their location.


They had been our best line of defense since Superstorm Sandy.  Mother Nature struck hard again with four back-to-back nor’easters in March 2018 and the TrapBags® around the Ozone Walk area all the way to Harbor Walk were compromised.  All our attempts to replace them in the summer (1700 feet of bags) were met by resistant from the DEC. There was no sand available to fill them. Then, severe storms at Christmas ripped away the dune in the Beach Hill area destroying five home’s pools. Thankfully, no houses were lost. Despite the damage, we should be thankful that the TrapBags® held up for six years. Our dune would have been in far worse shape.

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