Sea Grass

Sea grass is Mother Nature’s glue that holds the dunes together.  Beach grass roots help to build and stabilize dunes. Blades of grass then help trap windblown sand. That captured sand gradually expands the width and height of the dunes. Sea grass has thick brittle stalks that can be easily broken and killed by pedestrian, pet or vehicular traffic.  Help conserve the Pines beaches by telling friends and family about the importance of beach grass and reminding them to stay off of the dunes.


Most of our sea grass washed away this past winter.  More grass had been scheduled for planting after the FIMI sand replenishment is completed. Given the length of time it takes for sea grass to take hold, it makes sense to hold off on planting new sea grass until the new dunes are in place.

As we await reclamation, the remaining dunes remain even more vulnerable—a very good reason for doing everything you can to avoid walking on the dunes and reminding your friends about how important this one simple action can be for preserving them until the next replenishment is completed.

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