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What is the Seashore Defense Fund?


The Seashore Defense Fund is an emergency funding mechanism of FIPPOA that allows for immediate action when catastrophe faces Fire Island Pines’ most valuable asset—its incomparable beaches. The fund is used as needed to lend support for preservation and maintenance measures and to augment larger initiatives like beach reclamation. It is important to maintain a healthy reserve to ensure the community can respond in a timely way to any threat to our magnificent natural asset.


We are excited to announce that through your very generous donations, the Seashore Defense Fund has amassed over $150,000.  Ultimately, these donations will be used for only one purpose; to assure that our beaches are ready and clean for you to explore and enjoy. Thank you!

A special thanks to our wonderful photographers and website designer.


Bob Anderson, Joey Mendoza, Anthony West, Isaac Namdar and Doug Dimon.

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